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is one on the flanks of the ZAHNA tiles
trained profiling that is quick
Laying with a defined joint width
secures. Due to the special training of the
Z-Spacer the joint space becomes continuous
kept open and thus a slight backfill
with grout made possible.
Especially when laying using the vibration method,
but also pseudo-electric when creating
conductive floor coverings
becomes a continuous connection
between mortar bed and grout
The Z-spacer also prevents chipping
on the upper edge of the tile during vibration laying.
Connected with the great dimensional accuracy of the products
the Z-Spacer ensures an evenly narrow
Joint pattern with a stable joint.

Specer nachgebaut.tif


The ZAHNA fine stoneware tiles are convincing
not only as a tile covering for industrial and
Commercial floors. They are abrasion, scratch and scratch resistant.
Their water absorption is below 0.5% what they do
frost-resistant and easy to clean. On
Another advantage of ZAHNA tiles for tile laying
is that they are also cut dry
can be. Due to their high tightness, they are
a floor covering that protects the environment.


  • Easy to clean thanks to Kera seal

  • Dry cutting possible

  • high tensile strength

  • abrasion, scratch and scratch resistant

  • highly point loadable

  • frost-proof

  • Can be laid by vibration

  • different surefootedness

  • quick to lay thanks to Z-spacers

  • colourfast

  • antibacterial

  • resistant to alkalis, acids, oil and fat

  • UPEC certified

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