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Acid resistant

Areas for acid-resistant floors

  • 􀂋 Beverage industry - e.g. brewery, dairy

  • 􀂋 Food industry - e.g.

  • 􀂋 Pharmaceutical industry - e.g.

  • 􀂋 cosmetics

  • etc...


Zahna tiles in acid construction

Whether in epoxy resin or cement screed, Zahna tiles meet the high requirements for chemically insensitive floor coverings thanks to their excellent acid and alkali resistance.

The outer shape of the tile corresponds to a truncated pyramid and ensures a continuous, uninterrupted formation of the joint material with a defined joint width in the entire furrow area.

This particularly dense floor covering protects the environment from pollution, especially in the area of ​​water protection.

Due to their shape, the hexagon tiles allow the perfect design of uneven drainage troughs and the like. Their special geometry results in a clean joint pattern.

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