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Vibration laying

The ceramic vibrating surface

is a flooring system for large areas in commercial and industrial areas that are exposed to high levels of use.

Zahna-Fliesen GmbH has been a long-standing member of the working group for quality assurance for vibrated floors (AKQR for short).


Advantages of vibration laying:

  • quick installation

  • flat surfaces

  • highest stability

  • low wear

  • easy, machine cleaning

In the case of vibration laying, the slabs are highly compacted and vibrated in a bed of mortar. The final laying and the automatic knocking take place in one operation - large areas can be worked on in a short time. This special laying technique creates a compact unit of top covering and bedding.

The Zahna-Tile Z-Spacer prevents flaking on the tile surface.

Ceramic floor tiles and slabs have the natural beauty and individuality of fired clay. The almost joint-free installation creates a harmonious overall picture and thanks to the color nuances of the tiles, even large areas never appear monotonous.

Vibrating floors are colourfast and UV-resistant.

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